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About me

Who am I?

I am a qualified teacher working part-time at Abingdon & Witney College spending the rest of the week in my art studio creating multimedia.
I may be setting up a photo shoot or planning a video production in the studio or creating poster graphics, editing and post production or making art.
If I was to categorise my art I expect it falls into the category of magic realism more often than not but I also have a great interest in areas of science and huge amount of concern for ecology which is reflected in my artwork.

My philosophy

I obsessively pursue my goal and go to extraordinary lengths to get there when motivated by an idea.
I see the necessity of speed in working but quickly loose interest when too much quality is being compromised.
Unperturbed by negative opinions and ridicule I will use my best judgment to take the authentic rout and never stop assessing the plan.
If your inspirations start from dreams there is a greater likelihood your work will be a unique and authentic expression from yourself. You must understand the languages’ of dreams to use them otherwise you are likely to misjudging them.

My skills

Photography & Photoshop Filming & Premiere editing Stereoscopic photo & video After Effects & post production 3D Computer graphics Web page design & HTML/CSS Drawing & sculpture techniques Script & song writing

Our team

Peter Jones
Mulitmedia Artist
  • Good at motivating in a wide range of situations including being self-motivated.
  • I am able to formally and dynamically asses' students’ progress as their teacher and adapt appropriate teaching methods.

Listening and extracting clients' needs and then act on them with accuracy and imagination.

  • Good at planning out long term and short term goal for myself and clients or students.
  • Quick and keen to learn new methods be it new software or working procedures.
  • Able to approach problems from a wide variety of perspectives bringing my broad knowledge and experience to bear.
  • Conscientious and caring with a strong sense of loyalty when I am valued.
Jo Roccia-Jones

We often don’t see eye to eye, marriage is tricky, but neither of us will be producing our best work without the support and space of the other. Pastel drawings are Jos’ speciality, quick spontaneous and with a powerful, individual use of colour.


Willow Roccia-Jones

Our daughter is our creative prodigy that keeps us moving forward.

About timemorph

Timemorph was a name thought up by my long-time friend Tim Stewart (Photographer). Not one to pass up a good thing I have ran with the web name since Feb 2000. Initially it was the name I used to describe a strange video technique. Now it stands for experimentation and creativity and is yet to have its finest hour...

  • Address: WitneyArt Studios, 11a High Street, Witney, Oxon, OX28 6HW
  • Email: Peter@timemorph.co.uk
  • Phone: +44 7848950205

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